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Pee Play 4 - Wet Girls Gone Wild
Pee Play is a new series of videos produced by Patches' Place under the name of Blue Ice Pictures.  It is different from the Patches series of videos which offers short scenes and mostly wet clothing.  The Pee Play series offers longer scenes, mostly nude peeing, and sexual touching which is a normal part of foreplay for both lesbian and heterosexual relationships.  It is sexy, sensual, and playful.  It is not raunchy nor extreme hard core content.  You know what foreplay is - now discover new, exciting, wet turn ons in what we call "Pee Play!"


Wet Girls Gone Wild
Starring Genesis, Vanessa, and Vicktoria

The girls have just broken up with their boyfriends and they are celebrating their new freedom.  They sit on a couch in front of a fireplace taking and drinking champagne.  As time passes, they need to pee and Vicktoria starts to "leak" in her pants.  Since the fire it too hot, they decide to cool it down by peeing on it.  Frustrated by their inability to shoot a stream into the fire, they take turns peeing into an empty champagne glass and throwing the contents on the fire.  From this point on, the girls just get wilder and crazier.

In the second scene, Vicktoria is sleeping and having a "wet dream." She finally wakes up after wetting herself and the bed.

Next, the girls have "gone wild" with Marti Gras.  They spot a neighbor with some beads and try to do things to earn those beads.  After flashing their tits, Vicktoria decides how she can get some of the more colorful beads.  She hikes up her dress, pulls her panties aside, and pees on the floor.  The other girls follow her lead and soon they all have colorful beaded necklesses.

As Vicktoria and Genesis return from shopping, they find Vanessa all tied up in a kinky black leather outfit.  When they discover she needs to pee, they start taunting her.  They even pee in front of her in addition to running water, throwing it on her, putting ice on her, and rubbing her bladder.  Vicktoria even lays on the floor and pees a fountain straight up in the air to tease Vanessa.  Finally they untie Vanessa and she pees on the floor too.

Next, Vanessa and Genesis are sitting on a bed after returning from a party.  They are tired and partly drunk.  Genesis says she is too tired to even get out of bed and go to the bathroom.  That gets Vanessa horny and they start playing around together with touching and kissing.  Soon Vanessa is peeing on Genesis and then Genesis returns the wetness by peeing on Vanessa.  They end by laying down together in their wet bed to cuddle and sleep.

Have you ever wondered what are girls were really like when they are not doing video scenes.  We have included an outrageous outtake of the girls acting up and going wild while lounging around the living room listening to music.  Vicktoria and Vanessa dance together and then sexually attack Genesis until she is yelling at the camerman to make them stop.  They pee on each other and Vicktoria shoots stream up in the air and then Vanessa makes a "warm, wet" note to give to Vicktoria.  This was not planned and the scene is totally spontaneous.  The "Wet Girls have Gone Wild!"



Running Time: 60 minutes
Available on DVD
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