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Pee Play 1 - Pee Party Pleasures
Pee Play is a new series of videos produced by Patches' Place under the name of Blue Ice Pictures.  It is different from the Patches series of videos which offers short scenes and mostly wet clothing.  The Pee Play series offers longer scenes, mostly nude peeing, and sexual touching which is a normal part of foreplay for both lesbian and heterosexual relationships.  It is sexy, sensual, and playful.  It is not raunchy nor extreme hard core content.  You know what foreplay is - now discover new, exciting, wet turn ons in what we call "Pee Play!"


Scene One
The first scene opens with Willow leading Mike and the other girls to a jacuzzi.  The girls have a surprise Christmas party for Mike and he is about to discover just how the girls like to party!  With Mike standing in the unfilled jacuzzi fully dressed, Vanessa grabs Mike and pulls his pants off.  Mike now has a smile on his face as he wonders what is going to happen next.  He soon finds out as the girls take their turns peeing on him!  The girls are all dressed up in short plaid skirts and Willow steps up first to pee on Mike's leg while revealing that she is not wearing any panties.  The other girls quickly remove their panties too.  Vanessa is next as she lifts up her skirt and pees on Mike's other leg.


Scene Two
In scene 2, Vicktoria, Willow and Devan are having their own private party during a girl's night out.  The scene opens with all three girls lounging on a bed in skimpy clothing and lengerie, most of which gets removed as the scene progresses.  The girls have their snacks with them: whipped cream and cherries.  They begin their fun by spraying whipped cream on Willow's tits and ass, add some cherries, and then take turns eating and licking it off.  In the process, Willow gets laughing so hard she wets the bed in a real accident.  The sight of pee running out of her naked pussy gets the girls even more horny and soon Vicktoria is spraying whipped cream on Devan's pussy and inner thighs and then licking it off.  It is Vicktoria's turn as both girls add whipped cream to one of Victoria's perky tits and take turns eating the licking it off.  Before the scene is over, all three girls are on their knees facing each other and spraying their golden streams onto the bed in a circle squirt.  This is one private party these girls won't soon forget!


Shower Scene
This is the sixth and last scene in the video.  Vanessa and Vicktoria take a shower together with Mike and it is steamy.


Running Time: 60 minutes
Available on DVD
The video is $40.00 on DVD in NTSC or PAL format.
VHS tapes are no longer available.
This video is also available for download.
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