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Adult Baby Girl 1
They are cute!  They are adorable!  They are babies — ADULT BABIES!  They dress and act like little babies.  They even wet their diapers like little babies!  They are Adult Baby Girls!


Scene One
Cute baby Janette is playing in her playpen when she wants her bottle.  She climbs out of her playpen to get it.


Scene Two
Baby Alexa plays on her bed and gets a diaper change from her daddy before bed time.


Scene Three
Baby Taylor removes her diaper and climbs into the bathtub.  She plays with her rubber ducky as she get clean.


Scene Four
Baby Alexa plays with her toys all by herself until she gets tired and takes a nap.


Scene Five
Baby Monique is hungry so she looks for her food in the kitchen.  She ends up making a big mess with her baby food all over her face and the table.


Scene Six
Baby Taylor wet her diaper so adult baby Monique helps to change her.


Scene Seven
Adult Baby Mandy enjoys playing with her toys.  However, she is a brat when Mommy Lyla feeds her.


Scene Eight
Baby Janette loves her bath!  She takes off her diaper and cleans up in a bubble bath with all her toys.


Running Time: 60 minutes
Available on DVD
The video is $45.00 on DVD in NTSC format only.
NOTE: NTSC format DVDs will play on most PAL DVD players in countries that use PAL format.
This video is also available for download.
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