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C.J. "Teaser" Beck in Tight Wet Jeans

Teaser is girl who loves to wet her skin tight jeans!  Everything in this video is real, as Teaser is a regular girl who loves to wet herself - she is not a professional model.  She has been a subscriber to Wet Set Magazine for many issues, and was the subject of their Reader Profile section in issue 26.

This video is definitely for lovers of slim sexy girls in pissy wet skin tight jeans.  Teaser has a great figure and plenty of pee.  Never before have I seen a girl who can hold back so much pee - just so she can let it all out in her pants!  See her standing there desperate to go, and then her crotch suddenly darken as her hot pee bursts through the denim.

This video is full of those first magical moments when that initial small wet patch appears between her legs.  It grows rapidly, glistening in the light, with occasional jets of pee coming right through the denim.  By then of course it's too late, and there is no way to hide her accident - the wet patch has grown and spread all the way around her pussy, around to her butt and down her legs.  She's soaked, but still she keeps wetting!

Join Teaser in her favorite pastime - you'll love her!  You can see more of Teaser at Shara and Ger's Female Desperation site.



Running Time: 60 minutes
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