Meet the Sims!

From the makers of SimCity, there is a new game for the new millennium. It is The Sims! Just as you can build cities in SimCity, you can build families in The Sims game. You can select their skills, personalities, and even determine what they look like through "skins" that can be applied. You can make them function together as a wonderful part of a neighborhood in the burbs or you can make them be as dysfunctional as you desire.

So why would this game be of interest to watersports lovers? Well, in addition to looking after their social needs, food, sleep, play, etc., you also need to be concerned about how full their bladders are! No, I am not teasing, this is for real!

In normal play, the Sims will use a toilet as long as one is provided in the house that you build without your instructions. In fact, the game designers have made each Sim so that their figure is pixelated withever they use the toilet. No X-rated content here! However, you can confine your Sim so the man or the woman can't get to the toilet. Or you can keep your Sim involved with some other task all the time so they can't go to the toilet when their bladder is full. You will watch them frantically request to go to the toilet through "thought bubbles" above their heads and finally get so desperate they do a little peepee dance and then wet their pants with sounds of frantic desperation coming from your computer's speakers!

If you are determined enough, you can even get your Sims to be do depressed and dysfunctional that they will even wet their pants without being occupied with other activities or confined. If you think this sounds very sadistic, well, it is. Yet there must be something sadistic about many of the people who play this game because the most frequently downloaded family skins from The Sims Web site is "The Sadistic Family" where they burn each other up in a twisted plot of abuse.

You don't have to abuse your Sims too much! Just get them to make out with a Sim of the opposite sex (or even the same sex) and while hugging and kissing, they will get desperate enough to wet their pants -- all good, clean, watersports fun!

This Gallery page has been created with the hope that people might create interesting looking Sims who wet their pants! If you do, send me the captured pic of the wetting and I will post it here. Game screens are easy to capture, just press the "Print Scrn" key on your PC keyboard. It won't actually print the screen unless you are still running DOS. Windows will save the capture to your clipboard and from there you can insert it in any graphics program and save it. Mac users can save their screen by holding command (the open Apple key) and Shift and then press 3 which will save a PICT file on the root level of the hard drive. You can also save pics of various sized right from within the game.

Here is an example of a woman getting so desperate she wet her pants:

Click on the pic
for a larger image

So send me your wet Sims and let's create another Gallery page! And if clothed wet Sims aren't interesting enough for you, there is a patch to remove the Sims' clothes that you can apply to your game.

The following examples show what visitors to Patches' Place have gotten their Sims to do:


A computer graphics program such as Poser can also make human figures who wet their pants and it has higher resolution than the pics which can be captured from the Sims game. Here is one example sent to us by a friend: